Why you Should Read the Communist Manifesto

Whether you love it or hate it the Communist Manifesto is one of the most important pieces of literature in the history of mankind. But, many people ignore reading the Communist Manifesto when they want to know more about Communism and go straight to the Das Capital, which is basically a massive economics textbook- so they leave it after reading only a few pages and form their own misinformed opinions about Marx and Communism.

If you want to get the basic ideas behind communism in a few pages and in simple language it is always advisable to begin your reading with “Communist Manifesto”.


Unfortunately, I have also discovered that there are also many leftists who have gone through all the volumes of the Das Capital and the Grundrisse but have ignored the Communist Manifesto which results in their political ideology being all over the place. If you are one of them please go through the few pages of the Manifesto to better understand or remind yourself of what Karl Marx was trying to convey.



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