Onions and Terrorists


Recently there has been several mis-equivalences being made in relation to Terrorism.

Let me try to contextualize these here.

In the last 3-4 years whenever there has been a sudden increase in onion prices in India our government (both Congress and BJP led ones) took immediate help from one country in particular- Pakistan- and imported tons of  onions from there. This was despite there being several terror attacks against India originating from there even in those years.

Now you can say there is no relation between Onions and Terrorists- and I would agree with you completely. But what is the relation between Pakistani actors, singers, musicians, artists and sportsmen with terrorists? Its the same as onions – Nothing.


Let me try to contextualize this further with another example- during the Second World War- when the United States of America was fighting a “Total War” against Germany, it took help from large number of German scientists to become the first country to successfully build the atomic bomb.


Again at the height of the Cold War, the United States began development of its stealth technology based on the writings of a Russian scientist called  Pyotr Ufimtsev.


Now there is an important element/factor due to which the above dissonance has taken place- and it is called “talent”.

During the ancient and medieval periods conquerors and invaders would often kidnap or capture talented people like artists from territories of their rivals or enemies. Even though capturing and kidnapping talented people did not stop completely in the modern age (for example- Werner von Braun- made rockets for Hitler- was captured by the US and then made rockets for JFK) but the preferred method of acquiring talent became- providing monetary benefits. Just as Bollywood provides monetary benefits to talented Pakistani artists.


But, it seems that ultra-nationalism of some Indians have made them forget – the importance of acquiring talent which was recognized by everyone from the most illiterate and barbaric rulers of the past to the most developed countries of the present.

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